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Su, Ih-Jen(蘇益仁)

National Institute of Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology, National Health Research Institutes

職稱 所屬單位
2015-至今 講座教授
(Chair Professor)
(Department of Biotechnology and Food Technology, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology)
2018-至今 創辦人及主持人
(Merry Life Biomedical Company, Ltd.)
2018-至今 名譽研究員
(Emeritus Research Fellow)
(National Institute of Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology, National Health Research Institutes)

畢業年 學位 學校名稱/ 系所
1976 醫學士 國立台灣大學/醫學系
1988 博士 國立台灣大學/病理研究所

職稱 所屬單位
1992-1994 教授 國立台灣大學醫學院病理學科
1995-2000 教授及病理科主任 國立成功大學醫學院
2002-2014 特聘研究員兼主任/所長 國家衛生研究院感疫所
2003-2004 局長 行政院衛生署疾病管制局
2009-2011 副院長 國立成功大學醫學院附設醫院
2011-2018 獨立董事 台灣神隆生技公司

  • 病毒相關癌症的致病原理 (Pathogenesis of Virus-associated human cancers)
  • 新興感染症的防疫 (Control of emerging virus infections)
  • 老化生物學及藥物的開發 (Aging biology and drug product development)
  • 阿茲海默症的新藥開發 (Drug development for Alzheimer's disease)

PUBLICATION(In the nearest 5 years)(發表、出版物)
論文著作:共316篇 (SCI 298篇)
  1. Su, I. J., Hsu, C. Y., Shen, S., Chao, P. K., Hsu, J. T. A., Hsueh, J. T., Liang, J. J., Hsu, Y. T., Shie, F. S. The Beneficial Effects of Combining Anti-Aβ Antibody NP106 and Curcumin Analog TML-6 on the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease in APP/PS1 Mice. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 2022 Jan 5. doi: 10.3390/ijms23010556.
  2. Su, I. J., Chang, H. Y., Wang, H. C., Tsai, K. J. A curcumin analog exhibits multiple biologic effects on the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease and improves behavior, inflammation, and β-amyloid accumulation in a mouse model. International journal of molecular sciences. 2020 Jul 30. doi: 10.3390/ijms21155459.
  3. Teng, C. F., Wu, H. C., Su, I. J., Jeng, L. B. Hepatitis B Virus Pre-S Mutants as Biomarkers and Targets for the Development and Recurrence of Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Viruses. 2020 Aug 26. doi: 10.3390/v12090945
  4. Teng, C. F., Yu, C. H., Chang, H. Y., Hsieh, W. C., Wu, T. H., Lin, J. H., Wu, H. C., Jeng, L.B., Su, I. J. Chemopreventive effect of phytosomal curcumin on hepatitis B virus-related hepatocellular carcinoma in a transgenic mouse model. Scientific reports. 2019 Jul 17. doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-46891-5.
  5. Chen, P. L., Hu, A. Y. C., Lin, C. Y., Weng, T. C., Lai, C. C., Tseng, Y. F., Cheng, M. C., Chia, M. Y., Lin, W. C., Yeh, C. T., Su, I. J., Lee, M. S. Development of American-Lineage Influenza H5N2 Reassortant Vaccine Viruses for Pandemic Preparedness. Viruses. 2019 Jun 11. doi: 10.3390/v11060543.


Kuang-Yao Chen, M.D.,Ph.D.(陳光耀)

Taipei Veterans General Hospital

1959   臺北國防醫學院醫學學士
1971   美國休士敦德州大學生物醫學科學研究院放射生物學博士

1969  美國放射醫學會放射治療專科醫師資格證書
1969  美國醫學協會傑出醫師獎證書(Certificate of appreciation by
      American Medical Association)
1971 國際知識名人錄證書(Certificate of The International Whos Who of
1978-1979  國際名人錄第4版(Biographic Information appeared in
      Whos Who in the World, 4th edition )
2001  美國醫學專家名錄(Biographic Information in 2001 American Board of
      Medical Specialists Compendium Supplement, ABMS Research and
      Education Foundation)

1997.7-至今     臺北榮民總醫院癌病中心顧問  
2008.11-2014.3  三軍總醫院立體定位放射手術中心特約醫師
2011.4-至今     合富公司首席醫療顧問
2005.7-2009.6   合富公司首席醫療長
2004.5-至今     陶聲洋防癌基金會董事長
1975.7-1997.7   臺北榮民總醫院癌病中心主任              
1975.9-2003     國立陽明大學臨床教授 
1993.2-1999     中華放射腫瘤學會創會理事長
1971.10-1989.7  臺北國防醫學院放射醫學系主任 
1967.7-1971.8   美國德州大學安德森癌中心研究員
1962.1-1967.6   1971-1975  國防醫學院物理醫學系助教、講師兼臺北榮民總
1960.5-1961.12  陸軍總醫院放射科住院醫師
1959.5-1960.5   馬祖野戰醫院外科醫師


HSIEH, Chang-Yao, M.D., M.SPH (謝長堯)

Emeritus of NTUMC

❖ Education & Training Background:                                                             ⎢ View full profile ⎢
1970-1972 Reseach Fellow, Microbiology, NAMRU-2(us Naval Medical Research unit.No.2), Taipei
1966-1970 Resident, Dept.of OBG, NTUH
1980 M.SPH, Epidemiology, univ. of Washington, Seattle, USA
1965 M.D., Nat.Taiwan univ. Med. College

❖ Emplyment History:
1983 Visiting Scientist, NIH(USA)
1981 Clinical Fellow, Cancer control Agency of British Columbia(CCABC), Vancouver, Canada
1972-2005 Visiting staff(V.S.), Dept.of OBG, NTUH


Po-Min Chen, M.D., Ph.D. (陳博明)

Taipei Veterans General Hospital

❖ Education                                                             ⎢ View full profile ⎢
1962 - 1969 Taipei Medical College, Department of Medicine, Bachelor of Medicine
1972 - 1978 Okayama University (Japan), Department of Medicine, Doctor of Medical Science
1978 - 1980 Sapporo Medical College (Japan), Department of Pathology, Clinic Fellow

❖ Brief Chronology of Employment
2008- current Chair, Taiwan Clinical Oncology Research Foundation
2008 - 2009 Senior Medical Advisor, Taipei Veterans General Hospital
2008 - current Honorary Professor, National Yang-Ming University
2010 - current Senior Medical Consultant/Professor, Taipei Veterans General Hospital

❖ Awards
1989 Outstanding Research Award of National Science Council
1991 Chi-Shuen Tsou Medical Research Special Award
1997 Medical Research Award of the Chinese Medical Association
2011 Recipient, Taiwan Cancer Medical Care Lifetime Achievement Award (Taiwan Joint Cancer Conference)


Fang-Ku P'eng, M.D. (彭芳谷)

Departments of Surgery, Medical Research, and Medicine, Taipei Veterans General Hospital

❖ Present Appointments:                                                                                           ⎢ View full profile 
Doctor with Contract, Taipei Veterans General Hospital
Professor, Department of Surgery, National Yang-Ming Uiversity School of Medicine

❖ Experience:
Vice President, National Yang-Ming Uinversity School of Medicine
Dean, Taipei Veterans General Hospital

❖ Fields of specialty:

(1) Surgical Oncology
(2) Organ Transplantation
(3) Hospital Management


Mow-Ming Hsu, M.D.(徐茂銘)

Professor Emeritus, Department of Otolaryngology, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University

❖ Education:                                                                                           ⎢ View full profile 
1960 Graduated from College of Medicine, National Taiwan University
1991 Doctor in Medical Science, Tokyo Medical University, Japan

❖ Qualifications:
1960 M.B.( U.S.) National Taiwan University
1986 ENT Specialist
1987 Clinical Immunologist
1999 Clinical Oncologist

❖ Present Appointments:
Professor Emeritus, Department of Otolaryngology, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University
Visiting Staff, Department of Otolaryngology, National Taiwan University Hospital
Consultant, Far-Eastern Hospital / Cathey Hospital / Koo-Foundation Hospital

❖ Experience:
1961-1964 Resident, Department of Otolaryngology, National Taiwan University Hospital
1964-1968 ENT Specialist, Misurata Government Hospital, Kingdom of Libya, North Africa
1972-1973 Clinical fellow, Department of Otolaryngology and Maxillofacial Surgery, University of Iowa, USA
Sep, 1968-2001 Visiting Staff, Department of Otolaryngology, National Taiwan University Hospital
1971-1974 Lecturer, Department of Otolaryngology, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University
1974-1982 Associate Professor, ibid
1982-2001 Professor, ibid
1987-1993 Chairman, ibid
Sep, 2001 Professor Emeritus, National Taiwan University

❖ Publications:
Published more than 200 referred articles, among them, more than 120 articles about nasopharyngeal  carcinoma (a common cancer in Taiwanese men).
Chief editor of two books in Otolaryngology (in Chinese).
Published more than 100 articles of educational materials in Chinese for ENT residents.
The writer of 16 chapters (in Chinese) in various books.

❖ Awards: 
Distinguished Cancer Research Award 2000 (The Chinese Oncology Society).
The Best Contribution Award 2003 (Taiwan Otolaryngological Society).
The Whole Life Contribution Award 2015 (Taiwan Head and Neck Society).
Lifetime Achievement Award in Cancer Medicine 2018 (Taiwan Oncology Society).



Chiu-Hwa Wang,M.D.(王秋華)

Division of Hematology,Department of Internal Medicine,National Taiwan University Hospital



King-Jen Chang,M.D.,Ph.D(張金堅)

Consultant Doctor, Taiwan Adventist Hospital

❖ Education:
1965-1972 M.D. of Dept. of Medicine, Collage of Medicine, National Taiwan Univ., Taipei, Taiwan  
1978-1982 Ph.D. of Institute of Clinical Medicine ,National Taiwan Univ., Taipei, Taiwan  
1984-1985 Research Fellow of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, N.Y.(U.S.A.)
❖ Fields of specialty:

(1) Surgical Oncology
      Esp. in the field of breast cancer and colorectal cancer surgery
(2) Tumor immunology
(3) Angiogenesis related research
❖ Clinical experience:
1973-1977 Surgical Resident, Dept. of Surg.,National Taiwan Univ.Hosp.
1977-1978 Attending Surgeon, Taipei Municipal Chung-Hsin Hosp.,Dept. of Surg
1979-1985 Attending Surgeon, Dept. of Surg.,Collage of Medicine, National Taiwan University
1984-1985 Research Fellow, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, N.Y. (U.S.A.)
1985-1991 Associate Professor, Dept. of Surg.,Collage of Medicine, National Taiwan University
1991-now  Professor, Dept. of Surg.,Collage of Medicine, National Taiwan University
1993-1996 Vice Chairman, Dept. of Surg.,Collage of Medicine, National Taiwan University Hospital
1996-2002 Chairman, Dept. of Surgery,Collage of Medicine, National Taiwan University Hospital
2010-2015 Superintendent, Chung-Kang Branch,Cheng Ching Hospital



Jacqueline Whang-Peng,M.D.(彭汪嘉康)

Academician,Academia Sinica, R.O.C.

❖ Education:
2009  The Honorary Doctorate Degree of Science, National Taiwan University
1989-1991  Fellow of Medical Oncology of Washington Hospital Center, Washington D.C., U.S.A
1956  M.D. of Medical College, National Taiwan University, R.O.C.
❖ Specialty: 
Medical Oncology,Cancer Genetic
❖ Honors:
- Woman of the Year Award, ROC, 1968.
- Arthur Flemming Award, USA, 1971.
- Honor Award from Department of Health, Education and Welfare, USA, 1972.
- Member of Academia Sinica, ROC, 1984 to present.
- Member, Advisory Committee, Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Academia Sinica, 1985.
- Scientific Award & President, Chinese American Medical and Health Asso., USA, 1985.
- Scientific Award, Chinese American Medical Society of USA, 1989.
- Outstanding Scientific Award, Organization of Chinese Americans, USA, 1989.
- PHS Commendation Award, USA, 1989.
- Award for 1st L’OREAL Women for Science, Taiwan, 2008.
- Distinguished Investigator, Emeritus, National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan, 2008
- Honorary Doctor of Medicine, National Taiwan University, Taiwan, 2009
- The 2011 Reach to Recovery International Health Professional Medal, UICC, 2011

❖ Brief Chronology of Employment:
2014.10-      Board Member, Development Center for Biotechnology (DCB)
2014.06-      Member of the Board of Supervisors, Taiwan Genomics and Genetics Society
2014.06~     Board Member, The MJ Health Research Foundation (美兆集團)
2013.8.1.-    Superintendent, International Taipei Cancer Center, Taipei Medical University, R.O.C.
2012 – now   Certificate Approval Committee, Quality improvement of cancer service, HPA, MOWH
2012 – now   Committee of Hepatitis and Liver Cancer Control and Prevention, MOWH
2012 – now   Council Unit of Policy of Chinese Medicine Industries, Committee on Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy, MOWH
2012 – now   Member of Council Unit of Science and Technology, MOWH
2011 – now   Deputy member of Human Subject Research Ethics Committee, Academia Sinica
2011 – now   Member, Council of Academia Sinica, R.O.C.
2011 – now   Chair Professor & Associate Dean of Medical Science and Technology College, Taipei Medical University, R.O.C.
2010 – now   General Director of Cancer Research Center, Taipei Medical University, R.O.C.
2009 – now   Honorary Vice Superintendent of Shangho Hospital, R.O.C.
2009 – 2012   Director of Cancer Center, Shangho Hospital, R.O.C.
2008 – now   Director of Cancer Center, Wan Fang Hospital, R.O.C.
2008 – now   Physician , Hematology & Oncology, Wan Fang Hospital, R.O.C.
2008-2010    Vice Superintendent of Wan Fang Hospital, R.O.C.
2006-2007    Director, Institute of Cancer Research, NHRI, R.O.C.
1998- now    Member, Atomic Energy Council, Executive Yuan, R.O.C.
1998- now    Member, Academic Review Committee Ministry of Education, Executive Yuan,R.O.C.
1997- now    Vice President, Formosa Cancer Foundation, R.O.C.
1996-2005    Director, Division of Cancer Research, NHRI, R.O.C.
1995- now    Professor, Medical College, National Taiwan University, R.O.C.
1994- now    Professor, National Defense Medical College, R.O.C
1994-1996    Director, Cancer Clinical Research Center, Institute of Biomedical Science, Academia Sinica, R.O.C.
1993- now    Member, Council of Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
1993- now    Professor, Institute of Clinical Medicine, National Yang Ming Medical University,R.O.C.
1984- now    Academician, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
1976-1993    Medical Director, Public Health Service, Chief, Cytogenetic Oncology Section, Medicine Branch, Clinical Oncology Program, DCT, NCI, NIH, USA
1973-1975   Medical Officer, Senior Investigator, Chief, Cytogenetic Oncology Section, Medicine Branch, Medical Oncology Area, NCI, NIH, USA
1968-1973   Medical Officer and Senior Investigator, Human Tumor Cell Biology Branch, Chemotherapy,  Clinical Trials, NCI, NIH, USA
1963-1968   Visiting Scientist, Medicine Branch, Chemotherapy, Clinical Trials, NCI, NIH, USA
1961-1963   Associate in Visiting program, Medicine Branch, NCI, NIH, USA
1960-1961   Fellow in Visiting Program, Medicine Branch, NCI, NIH, USA



Shu-Wen How,M.D.(侯書文)

Department of Pathology,National Taiwan University Hospital

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