Special Awards

○ TOS Lifetime Achievement Award   

  • Description

    Over the past thirty (30) years, the Taiwan Oncology Society has been striving to advance cancer research across Taiwan. The Taiwan Oncology Society established TOS Lifetime Achievement Award to honor an individual who has demonstrated a lifetime commitment to medical research, healthcare service and leadership and who has had a significant and sustained role in furthering understanding of cancer. The award encourages outstanding contributions to the advancements in cancer research.
  • Candidacy Criteria

    1. Candidates must be sixty-five (65) years of age or older and have held membership with the Taiwan Oncology Society for a total of ten (10) years
    2. The award is given to recognize significant contributions to the development of cancer medicine research in basic science/clinical research, leadership, healthcare of cancer patients.
    3. Candidates must attend and be able to accept the award in person, be willing to accept an interview and be willing to get lifetime published in order to share experience to inspire others.
  • Application and Review

    1. Applicants shall be recommended by three (3) Directors, or two (2) Directors and one (1) Supervisor, or one (1) Director and two (2) Supervisors, or three (3) Supervisors. The Committee comprises five (5) to seven (7) members appointed by the President. The Committee is responsible for the selection of eligible candidates and the choice of TOS Lifetime Achievement Award laureate.
    2. The award is limited to one (1) or a maximum of two (2) persons each year. The award is not granted, if there is no eligible laureate.
  • Award

    The laureate will receive a perpetual trophy or a plaque and an honorarium of NT$200,000.
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